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Due to increasing of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, Mayapada Group and Tahir Foundation have provided fund around IDR 52 Billion which is the first stage of donation against Covid-19.

These funds were 70% in form cash/shopping vouchers, and health equipment against Covid-19 such as masks, infrared thermometers and hand sanitizers, and collaborate with Orang Tua Group for the food and drinks.

For the DKI Jakarta Residens, on Tuesday, March 24th 2020 we handed donation to Mr. M. Syafii Nasution, the Director of social protection for natural Disaster Victims of the Social affairs Ministry around IDR 2 Billion in cash/shopping vouchers.

Apart from that stimultantly we have distributed the donation to residents of DKI Jakarta Province around IDR 22 Billion, West Java Province around Rp.10 Billion, Central Java Province around IDR 10 Billion and East Java Province around IDR 10 Billion.

The rest of donation Mayapada Group and Tahir Foundation has distributed in the amount of 80% to Istiqlal Mosque, 10% to Jakarta Archdiocese (KAJ) and 10% to the Indonesian Church Fellowship (PGI). The fund for Istiqlal Mosque submitted to Prof. Dr. H. Nasaruddin Umar, MA as the grand imam of Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque, which will distributing, coordinating and executing to mosque and Islamic boarding schools in DKI Jakarta. Likewise for the Archdiocese of Jakarta and the Indonesian Fellowship Church, we delegate to the each leader to passed on to the people who need the donation.

Thus, the first stage of Mayapada Group and Tahir Foundation's donation amounted to 52 billion is against Covid-19. Hopefully this aid can be useful to relieve the impact of Covid-19 in Indonesian society.

Jakarta, March 27th, 2020

Dato Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, MBA

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