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Depok, 7th February 2020 – Universitas Indonesia (UI) received Tahir Foundation Education Donation for
10 billion. Jonathan Tahir, as chairman Tahir Foundation gave The Education Donation as symbolic to Rector of Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Ari Kuncoro, SE, MA, Ph.D witnessed chairman MWA UI Saleh Husin, with all the management and leader in Universitas Indonesia. This donation held on top event of Universitas Indonesia Anniversary 2020, attended by hundreds academic community and member of Universitas Indonesia at Balairung UI, UI Campus at Jumat (7th February)

Rector of Universitas Indonesia said, “ At this Era Industrial Revolution, to move fast forward to prepare
excellent and competent human resources, college need support, synergi and n – helix collaboration. So, we were open and thankfull for the support given by Tahir Foundation to develop knowledge in Universitas Indonesia”

For furthermore, Tahir Foundation Chairman, Jonathan Tahir said, “ We believed that high qualiy education parallel with enhancement standard quality of living nation’s generation, so we called up to support and synergi with Universitas Indonesia to produce excellent human resources related to government program
so Indonesia can moving forward in Industrial Revolution 4.0 competition. We have big expectance, that our donation give positif contribution for the next generation in our beloved country.

Donation which given by Tahir Foundation will be used by UI to support the implementation of activity in education, research and community dedication and other activity which held to socialize nationality values and defend the country to academic community of Universitas Indonesia, as the nation young generation. At 2020 Universitas Indonesia Anniversary theme is “ UI Sebagai Pilar Daya Saing Bangsa “ / “UI as a pillar Competitiveness of Nation” UI believe that have a certain quality of education is a pillar nation competitiveness. For that, UI committed to implement certain quality of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, developing excellent human resources, competitive and able contribute to our country.

At the top of the Universitas Indonesia 70th Anniversary Celebration, the winner of the contest was announced. The contest which has organized before the celebration are Maumere Dance , man tug of war, women tug of war, tumpeng decorate and hiking. Participants were from Vocation School Faculty student and administrative center employee. For further, Anniversary Celebration has organized since 1st February 2020. The activity were held for the employee and academic community are scientific oration by Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal’ chairman (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia, public lecture by DPR RI chairman Puan Maharani, and contests for academic community, employee and jurnalists.

UI was be thankfull to the all parties support so UI can be education barometer in Indonesian college, become super campus in Southeast Asia. UI has dedicate for 171 to the nation and 70 years with great respect beared good name our nation. Hoping UI took a part to held high education quality by doing Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi : Education, Research and Community Dedication. UI will continiuing committed to answer the nation’s problem and challenge
About Tahir Foundation

Tahir Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Dato’ Sir Prof. Dr. Tahir, Chairman of Mayapada Group. Tahir Fooundation vision’s is a better Indonesia where every individual has access to adequate healthcare and education that enhance their quality of life. Mission of the Tahir Foundation is as an expression of the Founder and his family’s gratitude and Christian faith, Tahir Foundation aims to improve the lives of Indonesians by providing access to adequate healthcare and education, especially for those facing the greatest barriers to the advancement of their quality of life.

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