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Tahir Foundation provided assistance worth Rp 20 billion for post-disaster recovery in Aceh. The aid is given directly by Mr. Dato Sri 'Prof DR. Tahir, MBA to the Minister of Social Affairs (Minister) Khofifah Indar Parawansa in the Office of Social Ministry (Ministry of Social Affairs), Jakarta, Thursday (22/12).

In his speech, Minister of Social Affairs said that the grant will be used to repair homes damaged by the disaster and to build a permanent multipurpose building for people in Aceh. This building can be used as a temporary shelter in case of disaster.

Construction of a multipurpose building will be handed over to the Indonesian construction companies, namely PT Wijaya Karya (Persero), which currently is believed the government for development in Aceh.

Tahir thanked the the government, particularly the Ministry of Social Affairs, which has given the opportunity to Tahir Foundation  to help the people of Aceh. Furthermore, he said, provide assistance to fellow nation in need is a form of gratitude to this people who have supported his whole process of life.
"This is a blessed day, because giving is getting. Hopefully a little help will be useful for our brothers and sisters in Aceh, and hopefully blessed by God, "said Tahir.

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