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(Jakarta,3 March 2017) Disability in jakarta will increasingly smiled relief. Because PT. Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) which currently having only 6 units of transjakarta cares will increase fleet to 26 unit. Tahir Foundation work real socially in need of 20 units of transjakarta cares type Daihatsu minibus worth Rp3,126 billion to the jakarta administration, today.

Additional transjakarta car cares followed by the recruitment of human resources ( SDM ) about 70 people. As long as this with 6 units car Transjakarta Cares just have serve 30 until 40 disabled people everyday. Hopefully with the help of 20 vehicles Transjakarta Cares of Tahir  Foundation it can serve hundreds of disability in jakarta every day. Vehicle Transjakarta cares that has the capacity 7 people event is a manifestation of equality services in the transportation sector in jakarta. All vehicles transjakarta cares furnished with first aid box to give handling early to people with a disability. Transjakarta is preparing drivers and the ready to serve disability. Drivers and task force transjakarta is provided with competence in serve their customers that is people with disability.

Disability can secure Transjakarta Cares car by means of contact call center transjakarta no 1500102 or sending short message ( sms ) to 081111545001 on one day before. Transjakarta cares pick up disability in the starting point then to be taken to transjakarta bus stop friendly nearest. People with a disability travel later continued with using transjakarta bus to stop friendly difabel which is nearest to the purpose. And transjakarta cares vehicle will bring it to service users to the point. Transjakarta Cares operation since 8 AM until 5 PM.


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