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We consider requests for funding that meet the overall Vision (hyperlinked) and Mission (hyperlinked) of the Foundation. We fund a variety of time-bound projects and collaborative activities.
While each of our programs have their own funding criteria and requirements, we adhere to the following general principles. We fund initiatives that:

  • Are substantially aligned with our Vision and Mission
  • Benefit Indonesia and meet a compelling need in our community
  • Provide services to disadvantaged, marginalized populations
  • Target root causes of problems
  • Take a long-term approach and include plans for long-term sustainability
  • Strive to collaborate with like-minded organizations
  • Work in partnership with our Foundation
  • Support realistic and evidence-based strategies
  • Result in lasting transformation by changing systems and structural barriers that hamper success
  • Have an impact that goes beyond the direct beneficiaries of the project
  • Are led by people with clarity of intention, who communicate with honesty and transparency, and who have the ability to follow our application process
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